Letter of Introduction

As a professional freelance illustrator working actively in Toronto for the past twenty years, I have developed both the graphic design and business skills necessary to succeed in the challenging field of commercial illustration for advertising.

During this time I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to share my passion and experience through teaching both young and mature students.

Developing concepts into finished artwork that successfully communicates the needs of a client is a process which demands strong interpersonal and communication skills, inspired work, and the technical knowledge to translate ideas into finished art.

As a multi-disciplinary artist grounded in a host of traditional media and design skills, my work typically integrates a variety of digital media including  graphics, 3d illustration and animation, photography and retouching , video and motion graphics for web.

I believe that I have much to offer students in the way of real world experience derived from years of developing my own craft and working with other professionals.   As a teacher,  I  encourage  students to be playful and courageous, in the process of discovering their own creative voice and to find meaning in their work.  In the classroom I strive for an open environment where students will feel comfortable to express their individuality and explore concepts through hands on projects which focus as much on process as they do on final product.  It is my hope that students will become more aware of their own design sensibility as well as developing the practical skills necessary to implement their ideas into a visual medium.

The prospect of working with young aspiring artists is exciting to me and in the past, the opportunity to teach has been highly rewarding. 

I am inspired by the creative spirit of youth and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience to help others discover their own potential. 

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